About Ztrans



Our organizational structure and professional competence will be instrumental in taking advantage of our competitive strengths:

  1. Qualified personnel.
  2. Established partnership network,
  3. Ease of tracking your shipments
  4. Per Personalized Customer Service
  5. Full-Service Logistics Provider
  6. Customized Solutions
  7. Pre-clearance of shipments whenever possible
  8. Live person when you call, no voicemail
  9. Dedicated trucks for faster delivery

Reference Clients

Our plan

is looking to the future, we are planning to expand our capabilities and new services well designed to meet our clients changing requirements


Being a top-ranked provider of integral logistics solutions.


The mission of ZTrans  is to meet the needs for logistics services and provide an optimal functioning of supply chains to the complete satisfaction of our customers, while creating added value for shareholders, employees and other stake-holders in a socially responsible manner.


ZTrans is the shortest distance between YOU and your Shipments " We at ZTrans aim to always exceed the expectations of our customers, offering them the best logistic at competitive rates. All clients receive our first-class treatment regardless of shipment size or destination.

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  • Integrity. We respect the highest ethical principles, good business practices and customs. We operate in full compliance with the applicable legislation, guidelines, recommendations, and internal regulations of our Company.
  • Excellence. Our services aim to offer the best solutions to the needs of our customers and are based on our advanced logistics know-how.
  • Adaptability and flexibility. Our services are prompt and tailored to our customers’ needs. We achieve the required flexibility by applying innovative approaches and lean organization.
  • Responsibility. We are distinguished by a high level of responsibility towards the obligations we undertake, the deals we make, as well as the social and natural environments in which we live.
  • Teamwork and appreciation of employees. The quality of our services is the result of the work of individuals and expert teams. We value diverse types of knowledge, experiences and different views.